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Why We're Different

  • 35+ Years of Experience

    Our 36 years of experience, our enrollment results with carriers, and our vision in product quality, has allowed us to obtain or design leading edge products of extreme value to employers and their employees. Voluntary benefits are not a commodity product and you should not shop for them on price alone. With our vast product and needs experience, we are able to help brokers, employers, and HR create a comprehensive voluntary benefits strategy tailored to the needs of all the employees. Many of our client relationships are more than two decades old, some more than three decades.

  • A Genuine Partner

    Our independence is a unique and valuable benefit to you. Today’s insurance market is made up largely of consolidations, mergers, and niche carriers. This has resulted in conglomerates more concerned about their own bottom line than yours. To obtain that bottom line, they require higher commissions, national contracts, and massive advertising. To achieve these bottom line goals, the products offered provide less actual financial value to the employee and thus the employer. When you have a genuine partner, it doesn’t have to be that way. We partner with professional healthcare brokers and with employers. It's really not about us - it is about you - the employer, your employees, and your business.

  • Customized Experience

    As no one carrier has all the best products in each area, we have developed Bene-Bridge, our proprietary web-based system to handle multiple carriers through one enrollment and billing system. This can include the employer’s core benefits as well. The result is a seamless system for enrollment, communication, online billing, a single data entry point, and the ability to transmit eligibility to all carriers from one source. All designed to minimize time and labor on benefit administration and provides you the ability to focus on corporate objectives.

  • Products We Believe In

    Every product we offer is designed as if are purchasing them ourselves designing them for our family members. The fact is, we do own them and have claims within. Having to look your employees in the eye during every open enrollment, it is a smart way to do business. Our clients become part of our family and they deserve the best benefit and protection for their dollar. All our benefit communication staff are compensated on a salary basis; no commission incentives. If our plans are as good as we claim, the numbers take care of themselves.

Who We Are

Corporate Benefit Solutions has been established as the premier independent brokerage firm for employee benefits since 1976. Working with sound financial companies, we have developed comprehensive packages which enable employers to act proactively for their employee’s financial protection and maximum product value.

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