Corporate Benefit Solutions provides you with comprehensive, customized service and advice including:

  • Analysis: Goal Setting, needs assessment
  • Strategic Planning: Three to five year strategy
  • Implementation: Enrollment, employee education, ongoing support
  • Client Maintenance: Compliance updates, communication plan
  • Renewal Planning: Plan performance analysis, trend review, design update

Phase 1: Analysis

The process starts with a complete look at where your company has been, where it is today, and where it wants to go tomorrow. Our experts will analyze claim data and plan designs from your existing carriers, along with industry performance data. We want to know your corporate goals, expectations, and budget requirements.

Phase 2: Strategic Planning

After taking a hard look at your past performance, present situation, and future objectives, we create a strategic benefit plan. By evaluating your needs and concerns, Corporate Benefit Solutions is able to assist you in the development of meaningful employee benefit programs. We develop innovative answers to your need for competitive, cost efficient employee benefit programs in your ever-changing environment.

Phase 3: Implementation

The plan we design for you includes an integrated suite of services and a comprehensive timeline that ensures that the rollout is smooth for your HR team and employees. The primary concern of most companies is the communication of benefits to the employees in an efficient and easy to understand manner. The communication of such programs has long been the mainstay of Corporate Benefit Solutions.

Using salaried Benefit Counselors, we effectively communicate plan benefits and minimize employee time away from the job site without adversely affecting employee productivity. Our Benefit Counselors provide an overview of your Benefits Package to your employees and then meet with them in group meetings or one-on-one to review their individual needs and process their benefit elections in a pressure-free atmosphere.

Phase 4: Client Maintenance

Throughout the plan year, we will monitor and analyze how the plan is being used, identify items of concern, and meet with you to review reports and determine if any action plans should be implemented. We are available to work directly with your benefits committee throughout the year to provide information, but more importantly, to receive their feedback as to what types of benefits they feel are most important.

We stay on top of new laws and regulations and endeavor to understand not just the rules, but how they’ll affect you on a practical level. We will keep you apprised of the rules that directly affect you, as well as resolve your compliance issues.

We have placed our future success largely in the hands of our clients. Frequently, our clients request our services in the re-enrollment of their benefit plans. We are pleased that most of these relationships have continued for many years and some for more than three decades. We feel this is our best advertisement and references from these firms will be provided by request.