Corporate Benefit Solutions is a specialty company in the design, enrollment, administration, and service of ERISA-qualified employee benefit programs on a national basis

Who We Are

Corporate Benefit Solutions is a company that has specialized in the highest quality worksite benefits since 1976. We pride ourselves on focusing on you, your employees and your business.

As a faith-based organization, we do not work for any specific Medical, Dental or Supplemental Insurance Company; we work solely for our clients – for YOU. No carrier or product is best for every situation. No carrier has the best product in every category of coverage. We work to provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions based on past, present, and future goals of your company and possibly your clients.

When employers and brokers partner with us, it is because we are an independent insurance benefit consulting firm that can provide them a sole source for their employee benefit needs from product to communication and enrollment and on-going administration.

They know we are going to prove to their employees with the highest value product at the best cost. We do not partner with carriers promoting national sales bonus contracts, large expenditures in advertising and high agent distribution costs, or other outside considerations. Our concerns are products that fit an individual company’s needs – high product benefit value at the lowest cost, the ability to provide our clients a group rate, guarantee issue for all family members, and stability of product.

Our website goal is to provide education, various product options, best product design considerations, and explain the use and need of these products from the employee’s eyes.