In the course of providing best of class benefits for major corporations we have many times been asked by friends if we could make our products available to small companies, parents, siblings, and grown children not employed by the company on a bank draft basis.

We are happy to say that the answer now is a resounding yes. You are invited to contact our office to request additional information or quotes for individuals on a bank draft or credit card basis. In addition, on this site we are including information and links to apply for these programs on an individual and family basis.

The following are products and brief descriptions for which we have made arrangements to make these plans available:

Individual Cancer – Specified Disease Program

We have taken our traditional cancer – specified disease plan and offer it on an age banded basis. Once enrolled, the individual stays in the same age bracket for life. With this program we continue to offer a plan that pays the individual based on billed charges for treatment. This includes up to $5,000 per month for chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy for cancer and 27 other specified diseases; many of which are treated very much like cancer. A policy benefit description follows.

Individual Accident Policy

Much like our employer based policy this accident policy is designed to provide income to the individual or family. The plan pays the employee based on actual billed charges for accident treatment at an ER, emergency clinic, or doctor’s office. Benefits for accidents sustained during organized athletic activities are included through high school. Benefit amount is actual billed charges up to whether $2,000 or $4,000 per accident. The policy also includes an air ambulance benefit of $5,000 or $10,000 per accident. Note: These benefits are paid regardless of medical insurance. There is no coordination of benefits. We hope your group medical pays everything. This is designed to provide income replacement.

Life Insurance

The following link will allow an individual to access and shop the highest quality life products available.

Incremental Precious Metal Investment

Our program allows a individual to periodically invest in gold and silver on a monthly basis in small monthly contributions. The gold and silver can be held in storage or delivered to the individual in bullion or coin form. The uniqueness of the plan is the small increment contributions and the much lower than retail mark off for the purchases.

Individual Medical/Exchange

Many of our clients have family and friends who are either self-employed, work for a small company with no group health insurance or cannot afford the cost of the group plan dependent coverage.  Understanding the problem and need, we have developed a national system which allows us to provide these people with the most affordable major medical policy in their area.  This system also allows us to match plans which contains their doctors of choice.  This includes choices exchanges if the individual qualifies for a subsidy.

CBS 7 Protection

The Protection provided by CBS 7 is designed to effectively assist our clients with economic savings and for life’s unexpected incidents.  It is our goal to provide valuable benefits and privileges presented in an innovative comprehensive group membership solution at an affordable cost. The Protection Group has strong strategic alliances with providers committed to supplying quality services to help you manage life’s unexpected. Seven was developed to offer peace of mind specifically focused on protection for these every day needs.

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