Accidents can destroy your employees’ savings if they are not prepared. In many cases, it also affects the familys’ stream of income. The purpose of an Accident policy is to provide employees a cushion to help cover medical expenses and daily living costs when they get hurt unexpectedly.

There are 2,330 disabling injuries every hour in the U.S. and nearly 1 in 8 people seek medical attention or suffer at least one day of activity restriction because of an injury.

Just as in other supplemental product offerings, the world has seen a vast improvement in policy benefits and design. At least it has with some carriers.

For many years, the policy benefit was something like $100 to $150 for the ER, $25 for X-Rays, $20 for the doctor, and the schedule of benefits for AD&D and fractures. There were also complaints about the restrictions to trigger these benefits. The laceration had to be “so long” or “so deep”, etc.

Our new generation products address the entire need of your employees. The benefit triggered by the trip to the ER or doctor’s office is five to ten times current benefit policies and ranges from $750 to $1,500. We have also included an air ambulance benefit of an additional $12,500, actual billed charges at the ER of up to $5,000, and topped the policy off with a strong AD&D and fracture benefit as well.

Be it your first experience with an Accident policy or time for a product review, you owe it to your employees. Dare to compare!