Dental Insurance is one of the most popular voluntary benefits requested by employees. With 30 years of providing and designing these plans, we are able to assist the employer in maximizing product value by focusing on not only provider network, but in obtaining the best fit in percentile of benefit payment, determination of which category a specific procedure is placed in, annual benefit maximums, and the inclusion of orthodontia in the plan design.

With an understanding of provider networks of all the major providers, we are able to assure the employer has a plan that not only provides the highest in benefit value, but also makes the ability to obtain service easy and convenient for the employee.

With most carriers, we are successful in obtaining a waver of any service waiting periods during the initial enrollment and in many cases at any time. For some employer groups where cost is a challenge, we can offer employees a point-of-service option where the cost of service is discounted as much as 75% by specific providers.