The employees and their families rely on their income. Employees purchase disability insurance to provide income for their families during accidents or illness.

Many carriers propose individual policies under the guise of portability. In reality, a group disability policy provides the same benefits, often at half the cost to the employee. And the group policies we recommend to our clients also include the portability feature at the same premium.

Since more than 94% of disabilities last less than six months, we normally suggest policies with a zero day wait period for accident and sickness, with a six month payout period.

Features to look for in a quality policy include:

  • Guarantee issue of coverage of up to $6,000 per month
  • A policy that contains a partial disability benefit
  • Enrollment age freeze – where you start is where you stay
  • Ability to purchase less than 67% of salary desired
  • Fully portable
  • Income benefits that are received tax-free

Everyone sleeps easier when they know they will have the income to pay their mortgage or rent, utilities, food, co-payments for medical treatment and other aspects of normal living.