Gold & Silver

Precious metals remain among the most reliable form of money today. Historically, they have acted as a long-term store of value. Think of it this way… In 1963, two dimes (which are 30% silver) would buy a gallon of gas. In 2014, the same two dimes will purchase more than a gallon of gas, due to the price of silver today. Yet most pension plans do not offer any type of precious metal fund as a option.

With this in mind, we have designed a portion of savings dollars to gold and/or silver for as little as $10 per pay period. It is not to replace savings, but to diversify.

We designed the plan with an extremely low premium to purchase the precious metal, with a low incremental deduction requirement as low as $10 per pay period. The employee retains the right to have us store their metals or take delivery once they accumulate one ounce of gold or ten ounces of silver.

Providing maximum flexibility, the employee can have their metal sold with two clicks of a mouse, or with the same two clicks, request, deliver, and even instruct on what type of coins or bullion they wish to receive.

We welcome questions and the opportunity to provide you additional information on this program, which is one-of-a-kind.