Living Benefits Life

The future is unpredictable. We want to allow employees to take themselves out of the guessing game. We have constructed a way to do that while providing the employee the most reliable source of retirement income available.

The biggest beneficiary of a corporate pension or IRA plan is the Federal Government. Years ago, we were told to tax-difer our retirement savings and then receive the money at retirement when we were in a lower tax bracket. People today are not only finding they are not in a lower tax bracket, but also the fact that that dollar invested 20 years ago now will purchase 18 cents worth of goods.

We have designed an alternative retirement income plan that results in tax-free retirement income that will also protect the family during the journey to that mile marker.

During the working years, the policy will provide a significant amount of life insurance to the family in case of death. In addition to death protection, all policies include:

  • Disability benefits
  • Critical Illness protection
  • Chronic/Long Term Care protection
  • Terminal Illness protection

It can be designed as a low cost employer retirement plan or a supplement employee elected benefit.